"Bringing memories back to your table!"


Mary Alice Cakes was created because there is a need for a cake mixes that actually live up to the claims of tasting homemade. We offer you the best there is in cake mixes because you deserve only the best!

Mary Alice Perfect White Cake Mix

You've never tasted white cake like this! Mary Alice Perfect White Cake mix tastes like it was made from scratch, and technically it is because we've given you our secret recipe. This white cake is your traditional birthday, wedding, or bakery quality cake all in one! No need for cake hacks to make this cake taste amazing, and it is one of the most moist cake mixes there is!

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Mary Alice Rich Chocolate Cake Mix

Chocolate cake should be moist, rich, and decadent, and our Rich Chocolate cake mix is all of that! You've never experienced this type of chocolate cake before from box mix. We have carefully created a recipe that is combines flavors that make it "from scratch" worthy". You can confidently tout your cake is homemade with our Rich Chocolate cake mix!

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